Parking Tickets

To All Parking Violation Recipients:

Please be advised that the staff at Galaxy Bowl is not permitted to receive and/or discuss the parking violations of the adjoining property as Galaxy Bowl has no affiliation or ability to negotiate these grievances.

Please understand the following:

  • Galaxy Bowl is simply a tenant and has a lease agreement for the building and upper half of the parking lot.  The owner of the property has lease agreements for various operations during weekdays as indicated on the signs posted.  The parking is reserved for said operations as they pay for the service.
  • Surrounding businesses have an obligation to provide parking for their clients however they have indicated that their parking is sufficient.  However for many years now their clients have encroached on other business parking as evidently they do not have adequate parking.
  • The assumption by those that receive violations, is that Galaxy Bowl is issuing these tickets as it appears to be our lot, when in fact the lot is leased to others and the signage is enforced to ensure the parking is available for those operations that are leasing it.
  • The staff at Galaxy has for years now been distracted by those wanting to complain of the parking challenge created by surrounding businesses.  Please understand, this distracts our attention from our customers, and creates undue stress for the staff.  Given this, our staff is not permitted to discuss these issues as they cannot have an influence on the resolution of these complaints.
  • If you would like to make a complaint, may we suggest you contact the business in question as it is their obligation to provide parking for their clients
  • Failing that a complaint could be made with the City of Abbotsford as they are responsible to ensure that there is sufficient parking before issuing building permits.

While we are empathetic to the stress that these violations may cause you, please again understand that the staff at Galaxy cannot take the time away from our clients to discuss the parking issues of surrounding business.

The Management of Galaxy Bowl.

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